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About Prints

Most of my open and limited edition prints are archival photographic prints, printed using photo developing technology. These prints have wonderful color quality, look close to the original and do not show any kind of dot pattern like cheaper prints. These prints can be lightfast for at least 50 years.

Borders: Depending on the size of the original painting, the print may have a small white border. This is more likely with images which are taller than they are wide. If you need to know the exact dimensions on an image on a print please contact me.


5×7 – $10-15, 8×10 – $16-$20, 11×14 – $25

Matted prints: varies by print size and mat type.

Giclée prints:

Giclées are made print on thick fine art photo rag paper with a professional photo printer, using 10 archival waterproof pigment based inks; making it similar to the weight, texture, and finish of the original paintings. Giclée prints last many years longer, and show more detail than lithographic prints. Permanence of the inks used has been rated in excess of 100 years for color prints.

Art Technique
What medium do you paint with?

Nearly everything on this site is painted in watercolor or drawn with pen and ink. My favorite watercolors are from M. Graham. I usually paint on Arches or Fabriano hot press (smooth) watercolor paper blocks. Some paintings are made with a combination of watercolor and acrylics.

What pens do you use to ink?

I learned to use a dip/nib pen in school and find it the best for line variation and drawing in ink. It takes a while to get the hang of without making mistakes (many times I have ended up with drops of ink on a drawing). I use the smallest pen holder like the Hunt 108 Crowquill Nib which is more flexible. Lately I’ve been using Japanese manga nibs from Tachikawa and Deleter.
A good alternative for beginners are waterproof comic pens like Sakura microns.

What about inks?

For black and brown I like Calli inks. They are waterproof and don’t blog my nibs as much as acrylic inks.
FW Acrylic inks come in many colors and useful for painting as well. I used them for color outlines and acrylic paintings.
Dr. Martin’s Bombay Inks have a huge variety of color and can be use opaque or watered down and made transparent, and can be painted over with watercolors. They also work great in a pen (as long as you don’t let it dry on the nib).

About Payments

All payments go through paypal. You may pay with your credit card, paypal balance or echeck from your bank account. For your convenience You DO NOT need to make a paypal account to check out.

About Shipping

Shipping is calculated according to the size and weight the order depending on your country. Please note, overseas customers are responsible for any customs charges.

When will I get my order?

Most orders ship within a few days. If an item is out of stock or needs to be custom made, it can take longer. Please expect 1-2 weeks for orders in the in the USA.


Woodland Fancies is a small home based business, and accepting returns is not sustainable for us. We will gladly correct any mistakes made with your order (Just send us a note via the the contact form), but are unable to accept returns for other reasons. Thanks for understanding.

What if I see your art being used uncredited?

If you come across my art uncredited online or on a suspicious product, please report the URLs to me. If the art is uncredited I most likely didn’t give permission for it’s use. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Art Usage Policies

I don’t mind my art being shared online. Please follow common courtesy guidelines and credit and link to me where you share my images.

– Please properly credit me “© Meredith Dillman” near the images. To type the © symbol use “option G” on Mac and “ALT 0169” on PC.
– Link to my web site:
– DO NOT crop or remove my name or any text on the image
– Please DO NOT re-post my art on photo sharing sites like Photobucket, Weheartit or Flickr etc. Many of these sites allow people to order prints without approval. (Check your settings and disable those options) If you’d like to share my art please send your friends a link to my site instead.

Uses that are OK include:
-Fan sites,
– Avatars and profile images with “© Meredith Dillman” in the comment/description area.

An example of an appropriate usage:

• Signature tags, tubes, PSP, web graphics and stationery:

I do not currently allow the use of PSP tubes or graphics, except those previously purchased though CILM.

My artwork cannot be reproduced, redistributed or altered in any way without permission (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998 makes it illegal to remove Copyright management information from protected works.) Contrary to what many people believe, images on the web are not free to use. Absence of copyright on an image does not mean that it is copyright free. Posting an image on the web qualifies as “publishing” and is a violation of copyright law. Images on this site are only for personal use (i.e. desktop images) and not be posted on commercial sites (businesses or sites with ads)

Here is some useful information on copyright:

U.S. Copyright Office –
10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained –

When you buy a print or other illustrated product from me you are buying only the item, not any reproduction rights for it.

Business Inquiries
Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, wholesale prints and cards are available to retail stores. If you would like to purchase items for your store please email for a price list, as I don’t currently have a wholesale site.Are any of your images available for licensing?

Depending on the product, my paintings may be available to licensing. If you are company interested in  feel free to contact me with your ideas. Please include as much information as possible about your product and company.

Are your images available for licensing?

Depending on the product, my paintings may be available to licensing. If you are company interested in licensing art feel free to contact me with your ideas. Please include as much information as possible about your product and company. I have a portfolio of previously licensed product examples.

Do you take commissions?

If you are interested in commissions please contact me with a description of what you would like – it’s helpful to know general idea of  what you want painted, the size, and what you will use it for (published or not). Please take a look at my originals for sale to get an idea of prices.