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Kickstarter Press Release

Kickstarter Press Release


Watercolor Fantasy Illustrator Meredith Dillman kickstarting Postcard Pixie-pocalypse!

This Summer Meredith Dillman, painter of pixies, fairies, kitsune, cats and dragons, and author of Watercolor Made Easy: Fairies and Fantasy and Fantasy Fashion Art Studio, is kickstarting a postcard set to feature her original work.

Backers can look forward to a rainbow of color themed postcards having beautiful color inlays on the back as rewards. Also available in this Kickstarter campaign are hand-sewn wall scrolls, unique original ACEOs, original ink drawings, and even full-sized paintings. Delivery is expected in late summer to early fall.

Ms. Dillman is known for creating highly detailed and richly colored watercolor paintings, with serene portrayals of fantastical subjects. Her inspirations include classical storybook illustrations, Asian and European art history such as the Pre-Raphaelites, and nature photography – especially the minute details of the natural world at pixie scale. She has contributed chapters to watercolor art and technique books, as well as having her art featured in collaborative Kickstarter projects such as 78Tarot.

By the word of Ms. Dillman, a pixie-pocalypse can occur when enough people share imagery of sprites, pixies, fairies and other fantastical creatures with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Postcards are the ideal fuel for such a large-scale event!

For more information visit and help the Pixie-pocalypse arrive!

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