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Lilac Dew – A Garden Fairy

Lilac Dew – A Garden Fairy

Lilac Dew
11×12 inches
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Lilac Dew – watercolor



I wanted to paint a lilac fairy for a couple years but it kept being put off.  I love the two lilacs in my backyard. One is typical light purple and the is pink (Korean I believe). They have less blooms than they should, so I set to work heavily pruning and weeding around them this summer. If dead bloom are not pruned off Lilacs they put all their energy into seed pods instead of buds for the next year.

My favorite part of Lilacs is the scent. I love to stick my face into the bushes and inhale the perfume. My fairy is gathering nectar and dew from the tiny flowers while the bees give their blessing. Her dress is adorned with honeycomb patterns.


I might have mentioned before that drawing each flower was quite a task. I stubbornly tried to finish inking them all in one sitting with my hand cramping up. Painting them each, along with dew drops was much more work.

Lilac Dew watercolor work in progress

Here is the entire painting taped down in the midst of painting. You can see I had just sprinkled salt over wet paint at the upper corner.

Go to the previous entry to see earlier photos.

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  • I was wondering if I could borrow your image for my blog. It’s about the Lilac Festival here in Calgary. And of course I’ll make sure everyone knows its yours. Thank you very much for your consideration.

    June 1, 2015 at 5:01 pm

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